Charity Fundraising Sites: The Top 3 for Nonprofits Small Fundraiser Ideas

With some fundraising platforms, you could end up spending more to accept donations and manage your campaign than to host the actual event. Not with Givebutter — our platform and 70+ fundraising features are 100% free forever. Engaging Networks is a registered fundraising platform in England, Wales, and the United States and collects donations in any language or currency. This solution offers innovative tools for advocacy, fundraising, marketing, event planning, and e-commerce.
Whether you decide to fundraise via direct mail, social media, crowdfunding, events, sponsorships, in-kind donations or all of the above, having a prospect list will help you know exactly who to target. Crayola promotes schools and local nonprofit organizations that support creativity and provide opportunities for artistic growth for children. The bulk of their contributions are made to organizations in Lehigh and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania, and Phillipsburg/Warren County in New Jersey. Eligible organizations can apply for product donations and Art in Education grants on the Crayola Cares page.
Below, we’ll take a look at nine crowdfunding platforms focused on nonprofits. We’ve left off ubiquitous, big players like Kickstarter and Indiegogo since most of us are already familiar with their setup, rules, and options. This focused list breaks down each platform’s unique features, pricing information, and recommends each for a specific outcome to help your nonprofit find the best fit. As the world increasingly moves online, you need to meet donors exactly where they are. With the ability to connect organizations to a wider audience, optimize campaigns, and track progress and impact, digital fundraising tools can make it easier to do just that — and more. If you spot a problem with a local charity listed on an online fundraising platform that serves your community, tell your state’s charities regulator.
To date, 100,000 kids in 60 cities have participated in after-school programs, many of whom have credited ASAS with being able to attend college. What’s more, Alex – the experience’s winner – became a passionate volunteer for ASAS. Remember when Idris looked into the camera, cocktail in hand, cozy fire in the background, and offered to “pound some yams” on Valentine’s Day? It seemed everyone in the world wanted to go on a date with Idris, but Diana from Colorado won. There was prosecco, painting the London skyline and of course, plenty of hugs and selfies.
With an understanding of the right elements, tools, and strategies under your belt, your website is set to succeed. Keep growing and improving on your website, and you’re sure to drive donations and increase the reach of your organization. For nonprofits who want to boost their revenue with gift-matching, Double the Donation is the ideal all-in-one donation software. Gift-matching is often an untapped opportunity when it comes to fundraising, so this software gives you the edge here!
Learn more about eligibility and how to apply on their donations information page. The Cracker Barrel Foundation provides funding to nonprofits that support the US armed forces, both veterans and active service members. NPOs that align with their philanthropic principles can apply for financial grants or in-kind donations on their giving page. Small Fundraiser Ideas provides financial, gift card, and in-kind donations to nonprofits in Columbus, Ohio, and areas where they have stores or distribution centers. They accept donation requests for NPOs working in the fields of hunger relief, healthcare, housing, and education. They have two annual grant application deadlines, at the beginning of January and July.