Best Church Fundraising Ideas fundraiser for church ideas

Fundraisers are not alien to the church and with the present global situation, more churches will need to leverage fundraisers to execute social impact projects. This means that apart from getting donations from your congregation, you would need to plan and execute fundraising ideas that appeal to the general public. 

convincing people to part with their money is not an easy feat and this is why it is important for your church fundraising idea to be plausible. We’ve put together 21 church fundraising ideas you can try out as you look to gather support for your social intervention projects.  fundraiser for church ideas

  • Online Donations

Donations are one of the commonest ways of fundraising for a project and leveraging online platforms for donations means that you get to reach more people and everyone can make contributions, conveniently. Another perk of online donations at this time means that everyone can give to your cause while obeying social distancing rules. 

In just a few minutes, your church can create an online donation form on Formplus and start to receive payments via your preferred payment gateway including Stripe, PayPal, and Flutterwave. You can also customize your online donation form and embed it on your church’s website. 

  • Fitness Challenges

 Help your congregation, and the general public, stay fit by organizing fitness challenges attached to donations. With the Covid-19 pandemic and increased movement restrictions, fitness challenges have become a thing as people try to stay healthy and fit while at home. 

With fitness challenges, everybody wins – you can raise funds while keeping people in shape. Participants can make a $1 donation to the church for every kilogram they lose and likewise, they can make a $2 donation for every kilogram gained. 

Use Formplus forms to collect and process donations for your church fitness challenge. You can create a page for your fitness on social media and share the link to your fitness donation form via Formplus social media direct sharing buttons.  

  • Karaoke Night

A karaoke night is typically fun and exciting so there’s no harm trying this out as a fundraising event idea. You can bring everyone together via your preferred virtual platform and get them to sing their favorite songs or pretend to be their favorite music star.